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by Harold Raichur on Sunday, January 19, 2014


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Technical level


1- anyone can design a game
2- to think out of the box
3- to apply design thinking (even if you are not into design)
4- build a mini board game ( a world as u see it)


it began as a 2 hr workshop,as a means to introduce one to game design practcaly & in quick time. The more i did these workshops, the more i realised that it not only allowed people to understand , but also apply design in a simple & easy manner.Every workshop ended with groups of participants coming up with small games, which an hour back was literally impossible. all that was needed, a few bits of paper, pen or pencil, dice & game bits and a whole lot of interaction, brainstorming, design thinking, creating game rules & testing playable game prototypes.

The realisation of having designed something as unthinkable as a game, with literally nothing & having enjoyed playing it with freinds all of this & more within 2 hours, is an unbeleivable expereince to have.


a willingness to look at things differently, open to new ideas & perspectives that is different to yours.apart from that, pen & paper, dice & game bits (optional), colored pencils

Speaker bio

I have worked in the digital creative media industry in various capacities for the last 15 years, starting in Print Design, Web, Animation, Film Design (Live & Animation), Games, Creative Media Education. I have written & directed short films in mixed media, clay, 2d/3d & live action. I am working on live action product videos for technology companies & developing casual games. Currently, i am also developing a training program that combines game design & outdoor adventure training to stimulate creative & out of the box thinking.