Charting Your Very Own Shangri-La

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by Apurv Gujar on Sunday, January 19, 2014


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Lightning Talk

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Through this talk, I aim to open a window of inspiration so that you will dust off your trekking shoes and go climbing in a bigger way than before.


Why should you move from being a casual hiker visiting popular spots to an explorer charting your very own Shangri-La?

How it all started off with a hesitant encounter with the Sahyadris moving into leading groups of people into their discovery to finally taking the big leap into the roof of the world - The Himalayas.

What were the challenges, the highs, the lows and the changes I would have made had I been guided by someone experienced.Of course, with some surprising discoveries about people, places


Fascination and tolerance for highs.

Speaker bio

I always had a love for nature and imagined myself being a vet. Love for physics took over and I ended up pursuing mechanical engineering. However I had the privelage of spending my 4 years of engineering in the lap of nature- Goa. A job moved me away from this paradise straight into the arms of machines and a mundane urban grind. Life took a different route when I gave in to my inner urge of going back into the arms of nature. I quit my job, took up mountaineering and walked into the heart of raw, unspoilt beauty.


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