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by Sandeep Madhavan on Sunday, January 19, 2014


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To bring life to sounds recorded in a home studio environment onto a big stage, combining electronic tracks with live instrumentation and vocals.


The Burning Deck is the solo project of Sandeep Madhavan. In April 2014 he released an album titled Kalinihta under the moniker of The Burning Deck and brought it to life on the big stage with seasoned sessions musicians.
A performance of The Burning Deck is an experience as the music takes you on a journey through two hours of life, longing and loss backed by ethereal keys, rumbling bass, slamming drums, graceful trumpets, feathery vocals and swirling visualisations.


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Speaker bio

Sandeep Madhavan is a Bangalore based music producer/bass guitarist/composer/author who splits his time producing music for his solo electro-ambient project The Burning Deck and is one half of the electro-rock duo mode.AKA.
Apart from recording and producing artistes at his home studio Gum Grooves, Sandeep also works as a sessions artist for some of Bangalore's best known musicians. He is the recipient of The Bass Player of the Year award at The Jack Daniel's Indian Rock awards in 2007. His project The Ticker Tapes with Ray and Kush Mehta won Best Genre Bender at the VIMA Music Awards, Malaysia in 2012 for the song 'Regardless'. The Burning Deck was also nominated for Best Dance Song and Best Music video at the VIMAs 2014. At the same awards, mode.AKA was also nominated for Best Rock song and Best Genre Bender.