Hum Anurag Kashyap hein maadarchod!

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by Suyash Kamat on Sunday, January 19, 2014

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Lightning Talk

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The words 'Bhenchod' and 'Maadarchod' resonate from our motherland. They're an intrinsic part of this hinterland which is waiting to tell its stories. Cinema in india can be paralleed with religion. Our story telling dates back to 100 years and for all those years this nation has been waiting. The escapists will soon perish. Or find their own cozy place. Question is, are we ready?


It took Indian film industry 100 years to give birth to a Anurag Kashyap who made 'Faizal Khan' as cool as 'James Bond'. Its been a long journey since Phalke made 'Raja Harishchandra'. A story born out of an angst to make something thats essentially ours.

100 years later, we are back again. Trying to understand our own rustic roots. Here, to redefine the very defination of 'Indian cinema' for ourselves. Here to question what 'Cinema' really means to us.

The talk plans on peeling off this layer of the connection between culture and cinema. And what telling our stories means much beyond just 'entertainment entertainment entertainment'.


Anybody interested in films. Which sums up to almost everybody.

Speaker bio

I've been told to write why i'm the best person to be taking this session. After they put it that way, it's to come up with something. Long story short, i'm a 2nd year film student in Pune. 2 years of studying in this field made me link the previous 18 years of my life with the idea of 'Guilt' . For not wondering enough. For not questioning enough. The session content are all my musings and feelings that i'm trying to come to terms with.