Unchartered territory: exploring the metaphor of your life's journey through trance and art

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by Annelise Piers on Monday, January 20, 2014


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Technical level


To guide participants to metaphorically explore where they are on their journey, examine road blocks and reset their mental GPS.


This 1 hour workshop is a must-do for anyone who feels life is going round in circles, or is such an uphill battle. For those of you who find you've hit a plateau in your weight loss journey, maybe you'll find answers unconsciously to tread differently. It's also an insightful program for those struggling to make headway with finances, relationships and business.

I love this program because no two people's experiences are the ever same! It's simply fascinating the way the unconscious mind can take charge when you put it in the driver's seat.


Intrepid travellers, lots of floor space, A3-sized canvasses and oil pastels (large chart paper and crayons will also work) -- 1 set per participant
Collar mike and music system to play trance music that I will bring

Speaker bio

I'm a dream alchemist and change worker, spending my days with my head in the clouds, loving this magic carpet ride that is life:) I'm passionate about sharing what I've learnt, cause I know there are people out there also wanting to live life on purpose.

I chanced upon the technology of Metaphors of Movement (Andrew Austin) and have since unconsciously rewritten the story of my life -- starting over with a fresh canvas really. Have used it successfully over the past year and then some, and love how the mystery unfolds.