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by Sindhu Ramachandran on Monday, January 20, 2014


Session type

Technical level


Objective - To introduce some silence in our lives
To sit with ourselves for sometime, and not DO anything - no talking, no technology, no reading, NOTHING.

Expected Benefit - Simplifying life, awareness, connection, clarity, 'feeling' better, grounding & centering and a lot, lot more!


The Facilitator (me) will sit in silence, from when the day starts, and until the day ends (where day =TGP day)
Participants and everyone, are invited to sit with me in silence, for as long as they can.
People can move in and out, though I may be present at the space, all the time.
Lunch, other breaks etc. will also be had in silence.

At the end of the day, there can be a round of discussion and sharing - where people can share how their experience was and any questions they have/had.


A clean, well-ventilated insect/pest-free space (preferably in the open), a comfortable chair and table, some space for other chairs

Speaker bio

Crazy. Eternal Learner. Researcher. Silence. Love. Dreamer. Listener. Creative. Writer. Books. Music. Lao Tzu & the Tao. People. Rumi. Cleaning. Human Connection. Travelling. Beaches. Documentaries. Spiritual. Sanskrit. Simplify Life. Facilitator. Consultant. Engineer. Number 3.

I am an Engineer by graduation, but with a passion for people and learning, found my calling in the domains of human behaviour and connection. My work revolves around making use of silence, spaces and de-cluttering to simplify life!

Mystical sciences like Taoism, Sufism and other disciplines also interest me and am constantly searching to bring forward the true meaning of Spirituality and its practical application, in our every-day busy lives! Love words, questions, books, music, smiling and meeting people!


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    [-] Ramkumar RS 5 years ago

    I would suggets 15 minute silence sessions 4 times a day.

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    [-] Sindhu Ramachandran 5 years ago

    I appreciate the suggestion, Ramkumar.. However, I feel that it would be better if the facilitator is present all day, in silence... and whoever is interested to participate can come 15 min / more whenever they can... Because different people may use different times of the day to experience this!What do you think?

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