From Potty to Precious

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by Elrhino Paper on Monday, January 20, 2014


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Lightning Talk

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To bring the majestic Great Indian One-horned rhino, and its shit, to the audience. To demonstrate why we need to bring it home, and how we can do it profitably. And to build partners in the process.


Tucked away in a remote corner of this country, its North East, is an animal who is struggling to survive. An animal whom we have all heard of, but few have seen. In this session I intend to share pictures, stats, stories and introduce you to this giant beast, and tell why you need to start worrying about the poachers.

And then, I'd like to share what we do - make paper from rhino and elephant dung and all other sorts of forest waste that would otherwise be 'garbage'. In the process, I shall demonstrate the innate transformative quality of dung and other forest waste via green processes. The sort of stuff that leads to a prettier, greener, more sustainable world.
I will demonstrate how commerce and conservation can coexist.

As an outcome, I hope to leave behind an audience of ambassadors - of green, as well as of the rhino

How good are we with this shit? I love the beast, and you will too, by the time I'm done.



Speaker bio

My name is Nisha. At 37 years, I've spend most of my time trying to figure marketing pitches - I've been a market research professional. It was intellectually stimulating, never soul food enough.

And then my father discovered the good shit, and I followed suit. I'm here because rhinos eat a lot, shit a lot, and get killed a LOT.

Since then, I've been entrepreneur at Elrhino; we run a manufacturing process with a whole lot of rural poor. I'm committed to working on saving the rhino and, in the process, demonstrating that good impact can also lead to good business. That conservation can be fun. That social impact matters to not just the poor, but also to people like you and me.

We make beautiful tree-free, handmade paper and paper products to place the good shit in your good hands.

I'm the vision crafter, business manager, administrative head and general slave driver at the start up - Elrhino Dung Paper makers.


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