Down the rabbit hole- an entrancing way to relax and Feel good Now.

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by rahul_george on Monday, January 20, 2014


Session type

Technical level


learn different ways to change the ineffective trances you put your self in through the day as you change your state quickly.


this workshop is designed to show and teach each person how you can take control of your mind and incept newer or older more effective states of fun, ecstasy, pleasure, passion and determination into this moment.

I've been working with clients over the last couple of years and use some or many of these techniques and processes to get them to change their state of mind as they open themselves to newer possibilities in their lives now.

Trance timing approx 1hr..


participants with an open mind, yoga mats, 1 collar mic and 2-4 bar stools & a music system

Speaker bio

As I realise that it's really simple to let things come my way as long as I show up, life's been an amazing journey and each and every moment only makes this more fun and full of possibilities that are coming true..

My life has taken several interesting turns and done many different things even as I enjoy being a technologist using Neuro Linguistic Programming and hypnosis every day.

I'm learning from the greatest hypnotist alive and take little and big chunks of this angel dust when I work with my clients..