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by Gresham Fernandes on Monday, January 20, 2014


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To explore the fascinating world of Food and Cooking and examine creativity and parallel thinking and it's influence on Gastronomical experiences.I have been involved in setting up various diverse food offerings, ranging from working a hands-on pop-up Gypsy Kitchen run by housewives, to a cutting-edge state of the Art molecualar degustation tasting room exploring conceptual dining. I'd like to talk about and demonstrate the close relationship between cooking in the kitchen, and all the influences i draw on from the worlds of music and design on my plates.


"Creativity is as much about exploring what you don’t know as embracing what you do know. Having the courage to wander into your own ignorance, armed only with base knowledge, can be a powerful way to true creativity. When you truly go out there and create something, it’s as much a product of what you don’t know as a product of what you do." Lars Ulrich

I will aim to expand the multi-dimensional universe around food and ingredients, and create a world view around how various cultures look at the activity of cooking. In my work, I use the entire range of implements and ingredients, from basic earth pots to the high-tech sous-vide machines, from home-made mulberry wine to Norwegian salmon, and each requires the same understanding and attention.I would like to share the amazing stories around this often misunderstood Art, and explore the close inter-relationship between Design process and the Art of Cooking.

I would like to talk about the influence of intangible emotions, Nostalgia and Quirk, Surprise and Shock, Revelation and Excitement and how these translate onto a plated experience.

From my experiences working at the Smoke House Room, to my stage at NOMA ( The World's finest Restaurant ), to my experiences working with housewives and homemakers at The Gypsy Kitchen, this workshop will expand the horizons around food preparation.

Speaker bio

I look at food the way an Astrophysicist looks at his wife.
I see chemistry everywhere.
I love design, and my life is about exploring meaningful collisions.