Conservation and "other's lives"

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by Suneha Mohanty on Monday, January 20, 2014


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BoF Meet

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Why talk conservation? And why has it become somebody else's prerogative to take any action to 'save the planet'? What role does a common man play in the whole scenario?


With heightened talks of climate change, depleting forests, near extinct wild animals, human-wildlife conflicts and many more such conservation related news; we read all of them as news in the papers and magazines and put away as information of something that happened at a far away place. We forget every action in our daily lives are connected to larger picture of conservation. The problems of wildlife/climate and overall environment is not only of the scientists but of each one of us inhabiting the earth.
Not just scientists, but artists (photographers, illustrators etc...) have also contributed in their own ways to fuel up the drive to conserve the precious gifts of nature that was passed onto us by our ancestors. Lets discuss and share stories about how the artists and scientists have come together for the common cause of "conservation" and make it a part of "our lives" not just "others'".


Anyone and everyone interested in knowing what the hum-drum about conservation is all about and what are the artists as well as story-tellers doing amongst the conservationists.

Speaker bio

From the laboratories to the forests to the cities, trying to experience everything and anything these places have to offer. Straddling two worlds- art (Odissi, painting) and scientific publishing.
A year back, the whole wide world of art, design and conservation was unlocked for me when I took up the position of the Managing Editor of "Current Conservation" Magazine (which carries the latest in research concepts and news from both the natural and social science facets of conservation, encompassing ecology, wildlife biology, conservation biology, environmental history, anthropology and sociology, ecological economics, and related fields of research. Our articles are illustrated with uniquely stylized artwork, info-graphics and photographic images from contributors across the world.)