Rubanomics - The Rise of the new Rural-Urban

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by Head Held High on Monday, January 20, 2014


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BoF Meet

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It is easy to fall prey to stereotypes. Fed on a diet of popular culture, urban Indians imagine Indian villages to mean bullock carts, mud roads, fields, thatched huts and women carrying pots of water. Place this 'picture' against the findings of the recent Credit Suisse's The Great Indian Equalization Report:
• Rural mix of GDP dependent on agriculture is now 27% as compared to 50% a decade ago • Growth in metros is slower than rural, poorest districts are growing the fastest Rural India, comprising 69% of India’s population, is in the midst of a huge transformation. However urban India, especially its youth, live in ignorance about the new 'rural'. The new generation – India’s future entrepreneurs, managers and leaders – stay disengaged with rural India, thereby losing the opportunity to understand its immense potential.
In order to influence the mindsets of future professionals and open their minds to rural opportunities, we want to run a discussion session on Rubanomics. H3S has coined a new term "Rubans" to define the new rural, with raw talent, entrepreneurial spirit, aspirations and access to technology. "Rubanomics" is a construct to help build new business models for Rubans and drive their economic prosperity.


A session for exchanging information and discussing new ideas on Rubanomics
• Capture insights into rural landscape – interesting stories, rural aspirations, innovations, etc. • Identify gaps in rural ecosystem in sectors like agriculture, education, healthcare, energy, water, mobility, sanitation and financial inclusion and explore solutions to solve them • Figure out ways to engage with key stakeholders in the region – like Governments, NGOs, Corporates and Consumers

Speaker bio

Madan is the CEO & Managing Director of Head Held High Services.

Madan Padaki is an entrepreneur, thought-leader & a social activist with 16+ years of experience – and 13 of these years as an entrepreneur. As a keen student of Sales & Marketing, Key Relationship Management, Product Management and strong business acumen – which were honed during the corporate stints, he created a world-class organization in the area of assessments in India with MeritTrac in 2000. MeritTrac was aquired by the Manipal Group in 2007.

He was heading Strategy and Incubation Group at Manipal Global Education Services until recently. Before founding MeritTrac, he had worked in BFL Software, Infosys Technologies and Wipro Fluid Power.

Madan's infectious entrepreneurial energy, innovative approaches & brand-building acumen is well-recognized by the Indian Industry. He is a Charter Member of TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) Bangalore and a member of the Leadership Committee, specifically involved in the finance/sponsorship activity of the chapter. He mentors several entrepreneurs and helps them with their business plans on a regular basis. He is also an active speaker, evangelizing entrepreneurship as a career option specifically with B-school students.

Madan has been awarded the Young EDGE Award by EDGE Forum and the Lions Young Leader Award by Lions Club of Bangalore.