The successful Crowd funding of Lucia : KEYNOTE (PAWAN KUMAR)

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by Javeeth Ahmed (proposing) on Tuesday, January 21, 2014

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To give the audience of the process of how Lucia was crowdfunded. The birth of the idea and the means and ways of how it was taken to the audience and the success story behind it.


In December 2011 Pawan Kumar announced on social networking website that his next project, after the success of his directorial debut film Lifeu Ishtene, was going to be Lucia. For the next 2 months, he met quite a few producers and top actors and found it difficult to fund his film and that led Pawan Kumar to write a post titled Making Enemies on his blog. Three days after it was published, the response was so overwhelming that he decided to pitch the idea of inviting people to produce the film and Pawan Kumar initiated Project Lucia. Lucia is notable for its use of crowdfunding technique. It was funded by 110 investors who contributed to the project through a Facebook page and a blog run by director-actor Pawan Kumar. It was the first Kannada movie to bypass the traditional film financing mode.The director initially offered the lead role to model turned actor Diganth but he was later replaced by Neenasam Satish, who has played supporting roles in many Kannada films.Lucia was made at a budget of INR0.75 crore (US$120,000). Kannada language television channel Udaya TV bought the satellite rights of the film for INR0.95 crore (US$150,000).


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Pawan Kumar (Born 29 October 1982) is a film director, actor and screenwriter in the Kannada film industry.He is well known for the films Manasaare, Pancharangi, his directorial debut Lifeu Ishtene and the 2013 psychological thriller Lucia. Being from a theater background, he used to write scripts for plays on stage before working as an associate director.