Being a lady geek

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by Tulsi Dharmarajan on Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Geekery (Science, Tech and Life Hacks)

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Technical level


After being a technologist for more than 17 years I am still many times the only woman in the room.
This will be a lecture/conversation about what it means being a woman in technology, how to create better environments and encourage more women in technology to be speakers and leaders.


A conversation about
- How do we bring more women into technology? - Creating a gender sensitive space - Creating women leaders in technology and elsewhere - Where do we begin?



Speaker bio

Tulsi Dharmarajan has more than 17 years of experience in engineering, product management, design, and analytics at both startup and enterprise companies across three continents. She has built and managed teams that have created useful digital products. Tulsi is the founder of Zuri Labs, a product studio in Hyderabad that helps small business and non-profits envision their digital ideas.


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    [-] Prashant K V 6 years ago

    +1. This is most needed. Curators need to know how to enable environments for the benefit of all. Looking forward to this session.

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