A 360 view of life by Sathya Saran : KEYNOTE

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by Akancha Srivastava (proposing) on Saturday, January 25, 2014

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A monk once taught me that : what we do only using our hands is a job. What we do with hands and mind is a career. But, what we do with our hands, mind and heart..is a 'calling'!!

Is our calling the same as our career? very often- No. Then, how does one figure one's calling? How do we combine the knowledge we gather in life to convert it into something that feels true to our purpose?

Finding a few answers through collective experience is the objective of this session.


Sathya Saran led a life of dreams. As the editorof Femina, she rubbed shoulders with the most glamours set of Indian Fashion, Cinema and Society. Daily routine involved interactions with the most talented artists and writers. This went on for decades as she slowly evolved into an accomplished author herself. Today, she consults reputed publication houses amongst many other things.

However, after being in limelight for all her career, she decided to lead "Adishakti"- a lab for theatre arts & research. She used all her resources/ contacts from earlier experience and began conducting workshops in remote areas of our country to encourage hidden talent. She recently did a workshop with Sangeet Sivan in Pondicherry where young talent had an opportunity to make films with advanced camera equipments flown in so that they can experience it!!

She says that this is really her calling. She wants to use her lifetime of experience in fashion and bollywood to help talent who doesnt have the right access. Provid ethem with fair opportunities.

Its not really important therefore, what you are currently doing in your job or what you have studied. Life gives us enough opportunities to apply them in the most unique manner.

have you found your calling yet?!


Lots of enthusiasm and positive attitude- a must!

Speaker bio

Sathya Saran is a renowned journalist from India. She completed her Graduation in Journalism and Masters in English from Nagpur University. Currently, she is working as the Editor of the Diligent Media Corp Ltd.

She has also taught at the National Institute of Fashion Technology as a visiting professor. She also worked with the Femina magazine and The Times of India earlier. She has written a biography on Guru Dutt and his association with screen writer, filmmaker and actor Abrar Alvi. It is titled, 10 Years With Guru Dutt: Abrar Alvi’s Journey.

She is a heady mix of all things glamorous and rooted wisdom!