How I found "healthy" on my way from 90 Kgs to 65 Kgs

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by Vivek Srinivasan on Sunday, November 16, 2014


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People often tend to connect their weight to their health. So much so that weight is the metric they use to measure health. In this session, I will share my personal story and my journey to being “healthy” and start a conversation about what “Healthy” really means.


I used to be fat and I wanted to loose weight. I had tried diets on many occasions and failed. I used a chart to find out what my ideal weight should be and determined to reach that goal. I was supposed to go from 92 Kgs to 65 Kgs. I started a fitness program, and I hit a wall at 72 Kgs. It was simply too hard to loose weight below that. I started to research now stars get to their weight goals, how the success stories that are shared to no ends on facebook come about.

I soon realised that health is not tied to weight.

I learnt that our conceptions of what is healthy and what is perfect is being defined by all the wrong people. The chart we use to determine if we are overweight were meant to judge an entire population, not an individual. I learnt a great deal about how our bodies work, how metabolism takes place. I learnt about what to eat and what not to eat. I even learnt about the low the film industry will fall to in their ambitions to project the perfect figure.

Most importantly, I realised I need not be 65 Kgs to be healthy!

I will share the insights that I leart during my journey.


People with an open mind
People who’d like to know more about being healthy

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I am 30 years old and run a small consulting business. When I was 27 Years old I weighed 92 Kgs. I could not climb two flights of stairs without stopping for breath. By the time I was 29, I was 72 Kgs and could run up 7 floors. I did not engage in any crash diet, in fact I ate more but ate healthier.


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    [-] saadhiya thabassum 5 years ago

    stars get to loose weight by power yoga! or i’ve heard people telling that they would be taking steroids to get those perfect abs.....but how can one stay fit especially when you are in college where you tend to hog on everything you could possibly find.!

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