Traveler's guide to a Spiritual Journey called Product Market fitment.

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by Ramkumar R S on Sunday, November 16, 2014


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Reading blogs and books on product market fitment and lean start up principles, gives you the knowledge on what to do. But the actual practice and the journey is not easy. It requires inner growth, ruthless inner integrity, courage to face pain, skills to uncover hidden assumptions, the ability to SEE, the prisms through which we see and the boundary lines of our paradigms.

This workshop module is a sub set of the 2 day “Leading from Within” Workshops that I conduct for early stage companies. (16+ batches completed). It includes empirical case studies from over 15 companies across a wide variety of sectors, that I have supported over the last 7 years.

You will get to practice and apply some of the techniques and concepts to your own product or company right at the workshop. This will help you continue with the journey once you go back.


The workshop will be interactive and participative with live examples and practice sessions.

The workshop will assume that the participants are already well aware and well read about concepts such as market validation, lean start up principles, product market fitment etc.

The workshop will emphasize more on the practical challenges in applying / following what is already known to our intellect. It will specifically focus on the “challenges and blocks from within us”, and the “inner growth and strength” needed for the journey.

The participant feedback received for my 2 day “Leading from Within” Workshops is not directly relevant to this workshop as I am planning to cover only a sub set of it during Goa Project. But some relevant quotes are given below:

  1. To confront truth requires a lot of courage” is a fact already known to me. But how to do that and to play with “fear” and the joy arising out of that is something that leads to emotional contentment. To me this [program] is an awakening from within. Thank you, Thank you very much.
  2. The workshop…opened my eyes… it was a MAGIC MIRROR that reflected my inner qualities… made me see the prisms through which I was seeing…
  3. Great eye opener. I want to take home 3 points. Seeing with inner integrity. Putting yourself in other’s shoes. Believing in inner voice. Thanks.. I loved the session.

For more feedback on the 2 day workshop (includes many more modules unrelated to product market fitment)

For more feedback from founders with whom I have worked closely on PMF:

Empirical cases and Live examples will be taken from these projects


The workshop will assume that the participants are already well aware and well read about concepts such as market validation, lean start up principles, product market fitment etc.

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Ramkumar R S, has over 25 years’ experience in Techno-Marketing, Marketing Communication and Product Management. He founded and ran an angel funded company in the digital music space between 2007 and 2010. Since 2010, he is working as a paid consultant on product-market fitment, to many early stage companies and start-ups (15 till date) in Chennai. His personal vision is to become a serial entrepreneur focused on disruptive business models and products for the new millennium.

Colleagues and friends refer to Ramkumar as a Thinker, Strategist, Sage and Guru because of his spiritual and philosophical brilliance. He has facilitated over 15 workshops on “Leading from within”. He is also a creative writer and marketing communication expert. His book “Breeze – A Love Story” was published by Writers Workshop Kolkata and launched by Prakriti Foundation Chennai.

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    [-] Viji Suresh 5 years ago

    Aspiration Energy, sometime during the month of June decided to participate in the “Leading from within”, workshop.

    Till June 21st the first day of the training, we were not aware of what the special element. The 20 member team of Aspiration Energy started the day to travel to a calm holiday resort near the shores of Mahabalipuram. What I expected was yet another training program, few games, few quizzes, few videos. But, what we experienced was altogether a different experience.

    The dash of spirituality and finding answers within in ones self, was interesting. It was fun to try and later it opened up dangerous areas, which we otherwise fear to tread. It was an exhilarating experience. I always thought as a poet, I gave freedom to my thoughts but realised I was not actually free as I liked to think. There were these areas I blocked mentally and when the gates were open, momentarily stunned at the force but when I held to the support I received, what I felt was relief.

    As a team, we started as 20 individuals slipping and making mistakes, unsynchronized and at the end, there was some amount of improvement and we ended up as 20 buddies who were able to sync. This added more trust and belief in this program. There was one deep fear inside me, that I shared for the first time and I was suggested on how not to force to face the fear and overcome but how to circumvent and wade through find a way to conquer the fear.

    Thanks Ramkumar!


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    [-] Ramkumar R S 5 years ago

    Circumventing the fear is not the right word Viji, digging deeper to find the true fear behind the apparent fear, the courage to accept what cannot be changed and finding a way forward despite limitations.. is a better way to describe the process..

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