What to do when you FINALLY quit your job!

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by Saurabh Garg on Monday, November 17, 2014


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I quit my job in July of 2013 to work on two things. A, write a book. And B, start a company. Oh, do I need to say that my job made me travel the world and paid me for it? And paid me rather well!

15 months later, the company I started is no where in sight. The book did publish but remains hidden behind the those thick racks that stock Chetan Bhagat, Amish Tripathi and Ravinder Singh and others. I am now forced to work for an online marketing agency to pay my bills!

While I spent 15 months in the agony, I did reflect on the mistakes I made and I learnt some valuable lessons. I want to share these mistakes and lessons with a larger audience. Hopefully it would help them take better decisions. Hopefully is the keyword here.

In the workshop (interactive) I would take the participants though a journey (for want of a better word) where they would discover if they’re ready to quit. And if they are, what are the first (or top) three things that they ought to focus on. I would use cliches, anecdotes, stories, case-studies and examples to drive home my point. Part life-hacking, part coaching, part game, part lecture and part classroom, I promise the workshop will take you out of your comfort zone. The question thus is, are you willing to?

Finally, I want to learn from the audience about their goals, ideas and agendas when they quit. May spark something in my head that makes me quit all over again?


P.S.: I am no expert at any of this. But unless I try, I’d never learn.


Lot of folks, especially the young ones, these days are enamored by the entire concept of quitting and taking the plunge into their dream business, start-up, idea, relationship, travel etc. After all there are hundreds of stories of people who’ve quit and have found gold. From Steve Jobs to Elon Musk to Jeff Bezoes and to the Bahls and Bansals closer home.

But what about the ones who’ve failed? For every success story, there are probably a thousand stories of pain, anguish and disappointment. There are probably a thousand unsung heroes (or victims) that rot in anonymity.

I am one such failure. And I want to talk about it and warn the dreamy-eyed folks. I want to talk about the mistakes I made (not three mistakes of my life - that would be a success!) and lessons I’ve learnt. I want to take a workshop where I would make the ones who are about to quit to introspect and make them reconsider their decision.

The weak-hearted ones that are not prepared for the plunge may go back disappointed. But the ones who take it with a stride, will in all probability, end up joining the league of the Bansals.

All the best!


A notepad, a pen (or a pencil) and an open mind.

Speaker bio

At 32 (and counting) I know that I am old. And yet I believe that someday I’d be able to create a business that may put that dent, or ding if you may, in the universe. The definition of the dent however still eludes me.

I am a marketeer by the day, a writer by the night and dreamer in between. I have started and shut two businesses. I hope I’d be third-time lucky (whenever that happens).

Apart from writing, startups and travel, I am passionate about poker. And that’s why I decided to nominate myself to take a session at Goa!