Building Productive Work Environments

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by Vijay Anand (proposing) on Monday, November 17, 2014


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This is a proposal requesting for someone to speak on this topic. If you’d like to speak, leave a comment.


This isnt a topic about space but about people. Germans are known to work far less, yet produce far more. We live in a country where despite the world quoting time equals money, we value time rather less. While we cant change the whole world, how do we as a nation ensure that within our organizations, within our teams, we set some different rules so that we work effectively, rather than long hours and without results.


Learn from an entrepreneur or Manager on how they are dramatically rethinking workspaces, and how employees are incentized to think about the larger goals, rather than about pay scales, and appraisals (though they are definitely important).

This session is inspired and hopes to be a conversation around the recent article that came out, suggesting how germans work shorter hours, but are far more productive. Much of it goes to undivided attention spans that their workers, treat as the norm.

If we were to devise, and define a new work culture - and not the extremes of either running like a government office, or the laxed work environments of an artist’s temperament, how would we go about it. In other words, what does Indian workspaces 2.0 look like?

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Someone who is running an org where they measure employee inputs differently, rather than the regular six days a week and month, and salary metrics that most organizations do.


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    [-] Tathagat 5 years ago

    Great topic, and something very close to my heart. If you are looking for someone to co-moderate the session, count me in.


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    [-] Vijay Anand 5 years ago

    Tathagat, You are quite welcome to build on this session - find the format and structure for this session and post it here.

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    [-] Satyendra C Pandey 5 years ago

    Would be interested in co-moferating this

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