How to make money as an Indian musician without selling out!

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by Vehrnon on Tuesday, November 25, 2014


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By financing music projects through fan-funding strategies and using only digital platforms for marketing and distribution, the future of independent music is dynamic and bright. The objective of the workshop is to share and develop ideas on how to make money as an Indian music artist without going the film route.


The film music dominated Indian Music Industry is discouraging musical creativity by not paying artists enough, taking away creative control and withholding IP ownership. In many ways the industry behaves like traditional corporate marketing preferring an existing idea over risking a new one. This is why in India we have less than 25 individual music artists producing over 75% of contemporary popular music. An industry offering even very successful musicians less than 25% of over all revenue while taking very few risks. With high running costs, no music label is interested in artists working in genres where the economics just don’t make sense.

Is there a need for alternative revenue opportunities for Indian musicians so they do not have to go to the big music companies?

What are the advantages and opportunities for independent music artists in utilizing distribution and discovery on a plethora of music streaming platforms?

What are the benefits of an independent artist promoting a creative music project on social media Vs a music label using mass media?

What are the crowd funding opportunities for Indian music artists, what do they need to know?

And of course, the missing link - The Indian Music Fans, how to generate and monetize them.

Finally I will talk about the potential for a dedicated music only Indian fan funding platform combined with an artist management service.


Participants need nothing but a healthy attitude towards new ideas and a basic understanding of how the current music business works. Its for musicians themselves as well as those involved in the music business from Social Media, to Crowd Funding to Artist Managment to Event Managment to Venue Programmers etc as well as allied businesses associated with music such as Telecom and Hardware Technology.

Speaker bio

Today I am a consultant with over 30 years experience in the Indian Creative Music and Media space:
12 years in Programming FM Radio stations including Red FM, Radio Indigo and Radio One
2 years interactive television
12 years as an event manager
12 a DJ
27 years singer for Indian Heavy Metal band Millennium