Are we dumbing-down Creativity; what's with Geographical Boundaries?

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by Suma Sumee on Tuesday, December 2, 2014


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Technical level


The intent is to open-up creativity and taking responsibility, by placing the ownership of problems around in the hands of the one who sees them.


What is incorrect in not feeling Nationalistic, going beyond the Geographies and in identifying with any society, whichever it may be, and bring about a change. Most often, we find it easy to empathize with the hurdles in the society, however when it comes to who can address them, the fore-finger is not pointed inward but rather outward. It cannot be me, but it has to be you!

How can this change in thought process be brought about? Is it risky, to even consider that you can be the change-maker? What is stopping us, what will propel us?

The session will strive to give answers if not at least instill the right questions.



Speaker bio

Didn’t particularly ask for a CV, hence a bit of otherwise :-)

Did a bit of studying, doing a bit of working. But largely, successfully living life to the fullest.

This is not an ambition talk, I am kind of living through the experience and hence will be better in connecting the subject to the participants.


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    [-] Suma Sumee 5 years ago

    PS: Under category, wanted to choose, A Perspective. But didn’t have that option, hence chose Lecture, though Lecture often is one-way but I would like for my session to be interactive…

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