Our Pursuit of Meaning in Life could be THE answer to world's greatest Problems.

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by Pushkina Nautiyal on Tuesday, December 2, 2014


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Lightning Talk

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At any given point in time, individuals have always come together for a purpose that was common to all. People are on a constant lookout for avenues that provide a conducive environment to exchange ideas, to gain perspectives, to collaborate and more importantly to get inspired.
Since we are all subconsciously driven to pursue a meaning in life, my talk explores why we should become ‘aware’ of this constant pursuit and how being conscious of our pursuits can transform the way we think, the way we act and the way we live life.
The objective is to direct and channelize the raw energy and motivation present within individuals, bringing about more focus in their endeavors.



A. Duration: 20 - 25 mins
B. Pointers:
i. Introduction to the concept of ‘Purpose’. What is Purpose?
ii. Why is ‘Purpose’ relevant for - Individuals, Organizations and Society? What role does ‘Purpose’ play?
iii. How does ‘Purpose’ work? The many faces of Purpose.
iv. Apt instances/examples of how ‘Purpose’ impacts in everyday lives of individuals and organizations.
v. Finding ‘Purpose’. Concluding Remarks.

Speaker bio

Hello There!
Being one of the founding partners of a think tank called Megarth, I have spent the last four years researching upon the many faces of what drives people, engages them and ultimately transforms their lives. Since we are into the business of investing in People - first building individuals into leaders, then building their ideas into enterprises - I have developed concepts and theories which are specifically focused on bringing people together. I have also conducted social experiments like Purpose Conversations, Purpose Campaigns to dive deeper into subjects which I am passionate about, mainly ‘Purpose’ and ‘Power of People’.
As far as prior speaking experience is concerned, I’ve had the opportunity to deliver talks and workshops in colleges like IIIT Delhi, TERI University, IFIM Business School and at conferences such as World Youth Forum for Ethics in Business.


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    [-] shikhar 5 years ago

    Looking forward for this one !

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    [-] Neil D'Souza 5 years ago

    Really hope this cokes out. I’ve attended your talk at TERI University and really appreciated the message.

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