Time Poverty - How we will stop doing what we love

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by Shobhit Dixit on Tuesday, December 2, 2014


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Lightning Talk

Technical level


Which is the most important aspect of a product - its build quality, its price, or the time it saves? I contest that it is all about the time. Time - though available to us all - is the most expensive component of our lives. Yet we don’t value it the same way. The talk is about how important time is, how we don’t use it efficiently, and what steps can be taken to truly make the most out of the time we have.


While we are allowing ourselves to be engulfed in the internet revolution to continuously find smarter ways of solving our everyday problems, we are equally compromising the time we spend with the people and things we love. Time Inflation has engulfed us all - and needs our urgent attention.

Speaker bio

As the founder of HelpSlip.com, we are working on solving the problem of “saving time” for everyone. Though our solution is delegation, we have continually devoted a lot of time studying how different people use their time.