LIFE- The real Education

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by Ketki Arbat on Wednesday, December 3, 2014


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Technical level


To analyse and turn every experience, observation or situation into your favor and to grow as a person.


Your world is the way you perceive it. The problems may be outside but every solution is inside us. Only an individual himself can decide to grow positively or not. It is all about the choices we make. Everything happens for the best as it either teaches you a lesson or gives you a new direction. One cannot do justice to time unless he gets out of the ties of minutes and hours, there is need to understand time from a larger perspective. Every situation can be analysed and there is reason behind everything that happens. It is very important to understand our wants as they do get fulfilled but cannot tell at the cost of what. So this session would just question some conventional thoughts and try to reach to the core of the general life issues.


An open mind, inquisitiveness and positivity of mind.

Speaker bio

Fortunately all that I will say is from my own experience and observations. Life has been grateful by being really tough in every way. I have been training and counseling from last 9 years now. I deal deal with people on a everyday basis ans more than 200 employees work under me. Separated family and on job training since the age of 16 has given me enough chance to learn it the hard way. I have dealt with youth at the age of 20 or 21, about to chose their career without even knowing what they want. By the age of 35 when we all reach the point to look back at life, the requirements and wants are completely changed and that is when the problems begin. Through this session I wish to reach out to people to understand their real self.