Eating Healthy is a Lifestyle

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by Simmi Sareen on Thursday, December 11, 2014


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Lightning Talk

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One day, for your studies or your job, you move away from your family home. Suddenly, mom’s cooking is not available at every meal time, and food becomes something you have to think about yourself. It happens to all of us and invariably, it leads us to the convenience of that fast food order. But cooking for yourself is way easier than you think and if you follow these life hacks, it can even be quicker than that pizza order.


If you are tired of eating out every day or worried about the unhealthy food you guzzle, this session will help you set up a healthy kitchen. We will talk about weekday hacks that get food to your table in under 30 minutes (faster than Dominos you say!) and for the days you are eating out, we will even talk through how to order so eating healthy becomes part of your life, not just a lifestyle choice.

Speaker bio

Simmi, also known as Bombay Foodie, is passionate about cooking and eating healthy. She believes that good health trumps all and the eating choices you make affect how you lead your life. On her blog (, Simmi creates recipes that merge good health with delicious, easy to cook food. Having set up a kitchen in six cities in three continents, she knows all there is to know about challenges of cooking and eating healthy.