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by Rammohan Tumuluri on Sunday, December 14, 2014

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“Sometimes we don’t see things because they are too small; sometimes because they are too big.” -Robert Pirsig. The objective of this talk is to use comedy and satire as a medium to express what is wrong with the world and how all of us are a part of it. The topics that would be attempted are: 1. Bankruptcy of thoughts and ideas
2. The corporates and their falsehoods
3. The education system.

P.S. Would love to do a stand up on religion, but not doing it since it is against the rules.


A broad outline of topics has been given above. Since it is a stand up, it will be spontaneous and depending upon the reaction of the audience. There would be no prepared script.



Speaker bio

By education I am a chartered accountant. I have been training students for CAT since 2000 and for IAS since 2011. I own a theatre group called Rumpunch and have written, directed and acted in 4 plays. I blog, very infrequently though, on a variety of topics. You can find more about me on www.ramasya.com