My Pledge - Papa of a 4 year old sweet Daughter!

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by Akshay Shah on Thursday, December 18, 2014


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With this speech I plan to take a solemn pledge and encourage all of us to do the same, especially all Papas of lovely daughters like mine ;-)

PS - She calls me Papa and hence I used it in the title :-)


Ladies and Gentlement, so I pledge to.................

1) I pledge to educate my daugher, by education its not just a degree to get a job and a good pay package and a groom! By education I mean right from Sex education to Self Defence - she will know all!!!
2) I pledge to let her live a free life - right from her sexual orientation to her religion, to the guy she wants to date, to the way she will dress, walk, talk, make friends, settle, unsettle, marry, divorce, have crush, flings, fight, cry, laugh, LIVE LIFE - ITS HER LIFE, so she will have her choice - All I pledge to do is act as her support / mentor - both in her good as well as bad times, I will be her friend, philosopher and guide, that’s it - Period!!!
3) I pledge to liberate her from silly worldy woes and society taboo / pressures - She will have a right to choose, speak, act & act radical!!!!!
4) I pledge to let her grow up in a liberal, un-controlled but cordial environment!!
5) I pledge to give her the best possible upbringing without any peer pressure / rat race whatsoever so she blossoms to the best of her ability, spirits and ofcourse as per her destiny as luck indeed plays a role in all our lives! [PS - She’s born lucky na, to have a papa like me??? dont you think so ;-)]
6) I pledge to be the best possible papa and upbring a daughter who will do good for all, achieve what she wanted to in her life, be happy and do something good for the country, world and the society at large!
7) I pledge to LOVE her UNCONDITIONALLY, irrepective of her doing good or bad in life, irrespective of she being rich or poor, high class or low class. For me, LOVE has nothing to do with the outcome boss!!!

She is too young to understand all of this now but when she grows up, I want her to understand this and love me hopefully for being a good, free & loving, caring Papa :-) This will make me really happy & proud and I will feel that I’v indeed accomplished my job as a Papa & Father!!!

So how many Papas voting for me here so that I can speak? How many Papa’s ready to take a similar pledge? Hmmmmm? Am counting...............


Try to get maximum Papas in the audience please :-) & a Big Screen to show my daughter’s pic as I speak!!!

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