What is a podcast?

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by Chhavi Sachdev on Monday, December 22, 2014

Interactive Media & Cinema

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To show and tell - what is a podcast, what’s out there, and how you can listen to it and enrich your life in a way you’d never even thought possible :D


You’ve probably heard the word “Podcast” - and possibly even nodded along to keep the conversation going – while wondering “what the hell is that?”. If you’ve wondered and were loathe to ask, this is the session that will educamate you, in the words of Dubya.

So, what is a podcast? Why should you care? And how can it benefit YOU?
Also, how the heck to get plugged in…

I’ll walk you through software, hardware, and tips, plus a cheat sheet on all the good ones out there.


Curiosity, mandatory.
Smart phone, optional.
Skepticism about the current state of FM radio, icing.

Speaker bio

Chhavi is a multimedia journalist and producer who has been podcasting since 2007. She’s an evangelist for intelligent content on radio. Her sound ideas, sound design are up at www.sonologue.com