School Unhinged - personalized learning and what that looks like

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by Neeharika Tummala on Monday, December 29, 2014


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Technical level


It’s the future, classroom of 2020. Government wants to provide every child with personalized education. No standardized textbooks. Media of content delivery is open to you, but has to be personalized. How would you make this happen? Give us your proposal. How would you provide every child personalized education in the absence of technology in the classroom.

We will think about data, technology, existing behaviours, learning styles as well as explore what it means to be personalized and what that will look like.

The possibilities are endless. Join us for some fun brainstorming and exercising your creative brain cells.


We wanted to create a session that challenges participants to think about the building blocks of personalized education, but also leave the problem statement open to some creative solutions.

Personalized education: content that students consume caters to their individual learning needs

Information available
Technology that already exists: there are already algorithms that can figure out what content to give you. You cannot ship everyone a tablet.
Students still learn in classrooms (teacher:students is 1:30)
Every kid does not have a tablet
You can ask us 3 questions to get more context

Participants will be provided presentation material and groups will be asked to present their solutions at the end of the session.

Speaker bio

Saraswati Chandra - IIT Kharagpur graduate and Product Lead at Xamcheck, an Ed-Tech startup based out of Hyderabad. Saraswati is the first person to get her hands dirty with all new initiatives at Xamcheck.

Neeharika Tummala - R&D and product research at Xamcheck. Neeharika is a recent import from Toronto and loves everything about good design, be it an app or a good pair of jeans.