The importance of Data in making good policy

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by Sai Sriram on Thursday, January 1, 2015


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Technical level


1)Differentiate between politics and policy .
2)To enhance policy making decisions to be data driven and not whimsical and why is it dangerous not to ?
3)How each one of us can be a part of good policy.
4)Realize and fulfil the need for Entrepreneurs in policy and politics.


TL;DR version entrepreneurs.

If you are buying one kg of tomato from a street vendor, you have the power to negotiate, but not when you are buying from a Giant retailer. Policy is something like that. You feel the pinch when fuel price is increased by a rupee or stamp duty is raised but there is nothing you can do about it, except crib about it.

On second thought, is there nothing you can do, other than vote for once in five years?

I wish to bring into light how policy is affecting us and how powerful it can be in changing each one of our lives. Also, How can each one of us play a role in better policy. What are the strides that have been achieved till now.

How can data be crucial in shaping the policy and why is it important to you that data becomes critical in policy making.

I would also like to give a shout out to entrepreneurs to explore this space of policy, politics and most importantly explore data in policy making.

Speaker bio

I am a Mechanical engineer from BITS PILANI ,GOA.
Sent 100s of mails to almost all the politicians in India.Finally, got an internship with a Parliamentarian.
My masters thesis was on emergence of analytics in electoral politics.
I was part of complete electoral process in bangalore and in hyderabad where I worked/interacted with politicians across the spectrum and also experts in various fields related to the electioneering.
I am currently working in mu-sigma business solutions to understand the nuances of data analysis and its huge potential.

I am at a unique intersection of engineering,policy and data.