Being A Child: Ungrowing into Happiness

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by charnita arora on Saturday, January 3, 2015


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Children are the happiest. But with time, we forget our natural wisdom. The purpose of this experiential workshop is to re-awaken the inner-child in each one of us, for our collective well-being.

The child who is able to ‘Be’:

  • Love: to fall in love with ourselves, to be love.
  • Joy: to experience the joy of giving and sharing.
  • Oneness: to notice the rapture of everyday inter-related existence, to be awareness.
  • Wow-ness: to witness the world with a sense of awe, to be awe.
  • Authenticity: to step off the social-treadmill and experience the world from within.



This two-hour experiential retreat shall take you to the hidden-happy reservoirs of innocent wisdom. A variety of actitivties shall facilitate the awareness. The activities shall involve imaginative playfulness, guided-breathing, reflections and insightful games.

This is the broad outline of the workshop. These following 5 components correspond the the previously stated objectives
of love, joy, oneness, wow-ness and authenticity.

  1. Noticing the Collective Symphony
  2. Time-Travel into Love
  3. Tapping into the technology of Awe
  4. Asking the vital questions of Self-Actualization
  5. Planting seeds of ‘inter-being’ (Thich Nhat Hanh)

Each of this section would require at least 15 minutes each. Along with a rich space for conversations and sharing of insights. Ideally, the seating arrangement is imagined to be circular and on the same level.


Participants must bring along, an uninterrupted mindspace along with any one of their childhood photographs. Please ensure that you get an old-school print/paper-copy of the photograph.

Speaker bio

Ms Charnita Arora is a Happiness-researcher and the founding imagineer of Perfect Life Spot(PLS). PLS is a creative endeavour towards collective emotional well-being.
What has come to her as a thrilling life-purpose is: to spread smiles, hugs, love, healing, positivity and a sense of familyhood/belongingness.

Other Labels:
* DU gold medalist * Erasmus Mundus scholar * Assistant Professor of English, DU * Science Slam winner, 2014 * Content-expert for some prominent newschannels/media publications


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    [-] Vinayak Garg 5 years ago

    Love and beauty already exists, within us & around us - Mindfulness is what we need to appreciate it. Looking forward to attend this session.

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    [-] Charu Arora 5 years ago

    Your videos are amazing :)

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    [-] Kuldeep Upadhyay 5 years ago


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    [-] Kuldeep Upadhyay 5 years ago


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    [-] Pallavi Chauhan 5 years ago

    I really loved the workshop description .... I think it is really important to be able to love our ownselves!

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