Before the Lights Come On!

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by Rasika Pote on Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Interactive Media & Cinema

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Lightning Talk

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Most of us like to read and watch movies. The characters fascinate us. The dialogues amaze us. The story grips us.

Have you been left wondering: Can I ever tell a fascinating story?
If you have, let me steer you through this world of storytelling, building characters, creating emotional graphs in the story and finally creating a climax to give it a memorable end.
Attend my session and see if you can create your own story.


As the saying goes: “Pain is temporary, Film is forever”, filmmaking is an enriching and enthralling experience in itself. Cinema emotes life and gives a canvas to some of the beautiful human fantasies.
Story telling has been an integral and most cherished part of my learning experience in my journey from television, films and now as a co-writer for feature film scripts. Creating characters and seeing them come to life is a feeling that can’t be explained. When these stories and characters become legendary, a story teller feels an imaginable sense of victory and pride.

The inception of filmmaking is having a story to tell. The journey then continues to make the story into a full-fledged feature film script and finally the story unfolds and travels from the stages of pre-production, production, post-production and takes its own form. But the story is where it all begins before the Lights come on.



Speaker bio

I have completed a Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM) in Journalism from Sophia College. Since last three years I have worked as an Assistant to creatives in Television and as an assistant director in films. I have also worked as an Associate (Editing & Production) for Font & Pixel Pvt.Ltd. Apart from this, I freelance as a film blogger and an Independent Filmmaker for corporate audio visual presentations. Was part of the 11th Mumbai International Film Festival organized by MAMI (Mumbai Academy of Moving Images) as a member of the Mumbai Young Critics Jury.