Confronting Fear - Fire walk

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by Vikram Badhwar on Friday, January 9, 2015


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Technical level


Fear is useless if it freezes you. Everytime we are confronted with a tough situation, the brain goes into flight or fight or freeze syndrome.

Using Fire walking as a medium to understand how the body reacts and responds to a real risk/ danger, we will allow the participants to de-construct the whole facde of fear.

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The sessions starts with a talk on understanding fear as an emotion.
We move on to doing some exercises which gets the Human Energy Field activated.
We move to the fire pit. And walk.


They should not be intoxicated for atleast 8 hours before the intervention
They should be wearing loose cotton clothing. No synthetic clothing allowed.
Pregnant women, people with mental health disorder, cardiac and vascular problems shouldnt attend the fire walk.

Speaker bio

Vikram Badhwar is a body emotive facilitator who studies and shares holistic, body, business and music sciences to work with individuals and teams across the country. He has been training in martial arts for 19 years and in the last 10 years, the beautiful world of the “circularity of the human body” opened which resulted in un-tapping many hidden facets and potential of the human body.
He started a co-creative space called Syngrity Consultants - a New Delhi based learning organization, with nation wide operations, that uses body emotive and music studies to work in the space of INTER and INTRA communication and leadership skills.
Besides the esoteric work that he shares, Vikram has worked for over 19000 hours in training people in voice and style of language. One of the first few language trainers in the country after the BPO walked into our lives, he attempted to change how the industry looked at what he calls Voice - Politics. His book, “I am Customer Service” talks about the politics in the voice based industries.
He had to test what the learning’‘s of “I am Customer Service”. Were the learning’‘s and the concepts valid in theory or had a practical usage? He took over Progressive Security Services, a New Delhi based security organization that specializes in deploying trained security personnel. His learning, “Working with the white collars who have spent a lot of time and resources in educating themselves is different from a unskilled/ skilled laborer who is just trying to earn money to feed himself”. It’s been a wonderful learning working with all these individuals who work with us as security personnel”, he says. A lot of “I am Customer Service” has been reaffirmed, a lot has changed and evolved and a lot has been deleted.
Media work has been a regular with Vikram Badhwar. He has been a voice over artist for over 7 years and often acts in documentaries, short films and theatre. He received critical acclaim for his character in the play “Godot Arrives” - a hilarious sequel to “Waiting for Godot”.
In 2005, he came across a spiritual practice of the mind and the body called Falun Gong, and every thing else stopped. The immense calm and the stillness that this practice has brought within him is so powerful, not forceful. He received a blessing in 2007 and it was confirmed- he is on a journey.
Vikram has also trained in the Alexander technique - a theatrical concept of re-aligning the muscles and the breath to ensure that least “stress” is used to do A particular activity.
What all these body emotive therapies have taught him is that there is a space for cognitive sciences and there is a space for experiential sciences. He is more inclined towards the latter and has the ability to shift his representational system at will. who uses the body as a medium to work with the mind, the heart and the essence.
Through the Syngrity ecology of a cumulative experience of over 200 years, Vikram offers an array of skills and expertise never experienced in India before!