Aqua Aerobics: A fun water workout!

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by Pragnya Wakhlu on Sunday, January 11, 2015


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-> Learn a fun way to keep fit in the water -> Beat the heat in Goa!


Aqua aerobics is a series of exercise movements in the water. The water of the pool is waist high (for shorter people a little higher than the waist).
In the demo we will actually be in the water and together learn the basic moves of aqua aerobics, timed to foot-tapping music.
Aqua aerobics is a fun & healthy way to keep fit without breaking a sweat.The body burns more fat in the water due to the added resistance. Working out in water also protects the joints from high impact as the water acts as a cushion.
Unlike swimming,where the body is streamlined to flow with the water, in aqua aerobics the body works agaisnt the water using it as resistance to strengthen the muscles.
Participants need not know how to swim. I have had non-swimmers in my classes as well.All are welcome ( provided they are at least 5 feet tall)

**Participants need to wear swimsuits/ tights and a t-shirt for the class


-> A swimming pool with 4-5 ft high water -> An extension board -> Music dock i.e. Speakers with an ipod dock -> Participants need to wear swimsuits/ tights and a t-shirt for the class -> water bottle

Speaker bio

Pragnya Wakhlu is a musician,entrpreneur & an aqua aerobics instructor. She has facilitated aqua aerobics classes in various health clubs in Pune includng Endurance, Mobius fitness, Sanjay Residency and Anandban clubs.
Pragnya has learnt aqua aerobics under the guidance of Soniya Chandrachud, USA Cerified Aqua aerobics instructor.