Politics of being an Out and Proud Performance artist and Writer.

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by shivam90s . on Monday, January 12, 2015

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To understand what it means to be ‘out’ as a queer individual at family and work (In my case, my work as an actor and writer on stage) and its repurcussions on the person’s personal, professional and social lives. And also look at the choice in terms of a political stand and the value of queer art in queer politics.


Why does one choose to come out? What does coming out even mean? And is it the smartest professional move when you are an artist and how does it affect ones career. Is it a once in a lifetime event and what happens when one has to come out every day to different people… could it be tiring? More importantly, is it futile or is it a part of a bigger movement? Is queer art valuable to queer movement, especially in India’s context.
And what does queer art even mean? Are queer stories of any relevance to the rest? And should queer artists think about the world as their Target audience or just the queer community while creating their work.
I will be using m own life as a 25 year old queer and out actor, writer, copywriter at n ad agency… somebody who practiced heterosexuality until the age of 23 and then decided to explore and found base with… men!



Speaker bio

Shivam Sharma, is a writer, actor, and theatre maker. He is the founder at ‘Somethings Simple’, an initiative that aims to bring LBGTIQ stories to Indian Stage, Film and Writing. He was last seen in ManavKaul’s Colourblind and Sunil Shanbag’s Marriageology. His work includes Quasar Padamsee’s So Many Socks and Indo-American collaborative feature film Red Gold. His two plays as a playwright are Secret Society: Children of Divorce and Age of Certainty. He is a consultant creative and copywriter at Meltwater Creatives.
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