Are we playing enough (and having fun) in classrooms?

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by Santhosh Kumar Subramanian on Wednesday, January 14, 2015


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Almost everyone I meet cribs about how they were taught in schools. Is this changing now? If yes, how games & play is changing the game (literally).


Everyone who is even remotely related to education agrees that play is important for kids and kids do learn through play. So why the play is still seen by majority of parents as frivolous thing. What if the schools have more play hours than lectures (which clearly is proven to be the most ineffective way to teach/learn)? Just sharing our teaching/playing experiences in select schools.

Speaker bio

I have been running an online toys and games library ( for the last 4 years and ‘played’ and taught children from different age groups through games. Have started a trust “Khel Planet” ( to design games and activities to teach lifeskills through play.