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by Padma Damodaran (proposing) on Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Performing Arts

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To experience physically how a piece of theatre changes depending on where it is performed. Is there an ideal space for a particular piece, or for all theatre performances? The idea is to see how pieces become alive, and more magical depending on where they are performed. Can rehearsals in different areas dramatically change how a story is told? Why do some pieces feel more alive in certain spaces? Is it the venue, or the story, or a combination of both?


This is literally a workshop cum discussion. his should be a moving session, where participants can perform a given piece in different spaces in the venue. We identify five dramatically different spaces in the venue. And move the players/participants from one to another in between. The same piece is performed in these different spaces, allowing the participants to feel the space, and use it optimally in their performance. There will be a discussion following this, asking participants about their experience performing in these different spaces and how it affected their characters and their acting.


Five identified spaces within the resort that are different from each other in terms of size, shape, height (with perhaps two floors and a staircase as well). At least one open air space. Plus 3/4 short five-minute scripts involving anywhere between two and five characters. This is best worked in a 2-hour set up given space change and discussion time.

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