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by Lalit Vashishta on Thursday, January 15, 2015


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“Garbage Busters” pledge to bring a change for a cleaner India.


GARBAGE BUSTERS started as a clean up drive and now has caught momentum.
There are a lot of ways we can involve communities to bring change.
Photo-shoots was one idea to inspire people. We don’t have to go too far from our houses to start this initiative. If every member just walks out smartly with their SMART phone and CLICKS a picture !!
We then Post these pics on social media eg. Facebook page, giving with Location, Name of the establishment, Time and date
We tag some members to this picture, and watch the social media go into action.

Now move it, and show the best pictures your can click of the worst eyesores in our city.
We can become the CHANGE

The next step is the two projects we are planning to take Pan-India -

As we get out of our homes and into the city, we find traffic jams, noise, pollution and to add to this claustrophobic feeling are these haphazard posters stuck on walls. Its just like chaos every where. There are banners and posters spewed randomly everywhere, causing frustrations, but we don’t do anything to change things, except cursing the government, or the local municipalities. Its high time we bring some order to this chaos.


Did you know that putting posters randomly on walls, trees etc is illegal and an offence?
Can we raise our voices?
Can we take steps to make this a better cleaner city to live in?
Just go out and take a walk, and watch the banners, posters all over the city – people selling services PAN cards, IT returns, Body massages, sleazy film posters, parties, music shows, astrologers, RTO agents, LIC agents phew… …this list is just endless.

Now that you saw all that, did you enjoy the sight?

Can you do something about it?
“POSTER NIKAAL” There is a complaint cell for this. To get rid of the illegal hoardings, dial 022 22691292 or 022 22691293 (This service was launched earlier by dialing 1292 or 1293 using MTNL only. Now, you can use the service via cell phones!)

I go out in the morning, and solely remove posters from one road in 30 minutes. Imagine the power of people. If we can inspire people and spread this message and make a collective effort, ie. if every citizen steps out of their houses and removes posters within 10-20 meters of their surroundings, we will be able to clean cities in India within a few minutes.

Inspired by the Ugly Indian we are painting dirty walls in the city with good messages. The challenge is funding for these. So would like to get ideas from the audience how to go about


A will to accept change.
Desire to be the change.

Speaker bio

Lalit Vashishta is a Chemical Engineer from National Institute of Technology, Rourkela and has over 30 years of experience in the wastewater recycling, filtration and separation technologies. He has presented papers in the technology forums at Filtech-Wiesbaden in Germany and FICCI, CII , IWWA, IPA STAI, AIDA, and IIChE in India. He has worked with many multi-national filtration technology companies, who have benefited from his association. He was the Chairman at AQUA-Goa – wastewater resource management seminar and Sugar Technologists Forum for the annual conferences.

Reputed for his innovative approach, Vashishta has developed many new applications in the area of liquid-liquid separation and liquid-solid separation. He is well versed in Membrane separation and works in the field of Reverse Osmosis, nanofiltration, UF and MF using Hydrophillic and Organophillic membranes both made of Polymer and Ceramic. He is presently working on solvent recovery and drying, pervaporation and vapour permeation using zeolite membranes.

Currently, Vashishta is working with two companies in Germany and Netherlands on Membrane applications on Biomethanated liquids and Biogas cleaning, using biological separation techniques in waste management.

A passionate social worker, he tries to bring technology and innovative approach to solve social problems. Heads loaclity management alongwith BMC helping to train people in dry and wet waste sgregation, composting etc. People need to be made aware of their responsibilities, and how they can take part in waste management.
I will continue to emphasise the 4 R’s -
Lets try and reduce our waste generation in the first place. This will have huge impact on our economy, energy bill, fuel consumptions etc. Because remember that for every item which goes in the waste so called end of its life cycle, loads of energy and resources go into making it in the first place.
Organic waste segregation at source and composting or energy recovery is important. Hope Government will come up with some good plans. I will share some ideas on what people can do and what government can do.