Kokoro - the heart of stillness/ Stress awareness via Body movement, Somatic Studies and Energy Systems

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by Vikram Badhwar (proposing) on Friday, January 16, 2015


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This is a proposal requesting for someone to speak on this topic. If you’d like to speak, leave a comment.


The objective is to find awareness within the body, pin point the stress triggers in the body using Somatic studies and energy systems.


Enso will address the human energy field such as Chi Gong and the neuro musculo skeletal systems via Somatic studies such as Laban, Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique etc to work at stress patterns in the body.

Participants are required to physically move during the course of the workshop.


Yoga Mats, Inside space, sound system, light cotton clothing, drinking water

Speaker bio


Rea trained in Classical Ballet, Jazz and Latin styles such as Salsa, Flamenco, Tango, etc. She worked extensively in contemporary dance, theatrical movement, Modern dance, Bollywood style and Aerial work using harness and silks.
Rea has performed on national television on shows like Jhalak Dikhlaja (Dancing with the stars) and ‘MTV Sound Trippin’. She has played the protagonist in various theatrical productions both in India and internationally such as ‘Zangoora- The gypsy prince’ and ‘Bollywood - A love story’ that travelled all over Europe and South Africa. Rea has also performed at international festivals such as the Electron festival in Geneva and in festivals all over India and has also conceptualized, choreographed and performed for innumerable events, weddings and schools.
She has facilitated workshops with children suffering from Autism, HIV and trauma . She has also worked with men and women in understanding and respecting gender dynamics via movement therapy and dance.
She conducts workshops in technique and awareness through movement, as well as working on experimental dance productions, choreography and theatre.

Her research and practice led her to corrective movement therapies such as Feldinkrais Method, Laban Movement Patterning, Mind full Mechanics and Contact Improvisation.

Rea’s nurturing and development has led her through a journey of holistic and spiritual healing. Her experience as an energy worker has found its expression in Movement.


Vikram Badhwar runs Syngrity and Syngrity Pure, two learning organizations dedicated towards experiential education and holistic awareness of the self via creative mediums such as Martial Arts, music, body emotive sciences, fire walking, ar and sound.


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    [-] Vikram Badhwar 5 years ago

    Rea Krishna and Vikram Badhwar are going to jointly be facilitating Kokoro.

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