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by shena gamat on Tuesday, January 20, 2015

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Total involvement in a topic of universal concern - RELATIONSHIPS… eeks! Gain some insights through a mix of laughter, introspection and interactive theatre.


I LOVE YOU, LET’S HAVE SEX is an interactive theatre piece, devised and performed by two actors. Humourous and quick-paced, the play offers insights into how relationships work and changes we can make as individuals to help find connection and empathy with each other.
Recognizing the universality of the content, the actors find ways in which to interact with the audience directly – leading to improvised audience involvement, some real ‘aha’ moments and more than a little madness!
While the show aims, of course, to engage and entertain - the idea is also to create the space and atmosphere for ‘mass introspection’ – never forgetting to laugh at ourselves and always remaining open and curious to the weirdness that abounds in all of us!
The script twists and turns upon itself, deliberately blurring the lines between performer and audience. In other words, ‘I Love You, Let’s Have Sex’ is a fun and enriching theatrical experience for anyone who has or ever will be in a relationship with another human being (you?).
The play opened at the Delhi Contemporary Arts Festival 2014 to hugely positive response.
Devised and performed by : Ashish Paliwal and Shena Gamat
Production and technicals : Pranav Brara and Shivam Pradhan
Prelude performed by: Shivam Pradhan
Language : English
Duration : 50 minutes


Your funny bone and a willingness to engage!

Speaker bio

We (Shena Gamat and Ashish ‘Pali’ Paliwal) run the theatre company BAREFOOT! in Delhi - with a penchant for creating and
producing fresh, original, Indian work. Barefoot also has a ‘creative space’ – which is open to those who need the space to rehearse or practice and which has been host to rehearsals and workshops by theatre artists and groups from Delhi and across India. We believe in the community spirit of the Performing Arts, and have been particularly interested in sharing the fun and learning that theatre has given us with people who aren’t necessarily artists, dancers, actors, etc. To this end we began the ‘Doggie Do’ project a few years ago - theatre exercises and mini performances in public spaces - a foray into interactive theatre at its very basic. (you can read about this at http://thedogwouldknow.blogspot.in)
Barefoot’s first production was ‘The Pink Balloon’, a dance-theatre performance supported by IFA, written and directed by Shena in 2007. Following this, we supported and produced the debut album of the acclaimed indie-jazz outfit, ‘HFT’, along with producing concerts for the same. More recent productions have included ‘The Veritree’, written and directed by the founder of the ‘Chingari’ theatre group, Mr. K. Madavane, ‘Between Romeo And Juliet’ directed by Pali and Gala Finalist at the ‘Short and Sweet’ festival, and the latest – ‘I Love You, Let’s Have Sex’- which has been developing show by show and audience by audience.