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by siddharth Bubna on Thursday, January 22, 2015

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Lightning Talk

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The objective of the session is to take the audience through the fact that they may be missing out on creating young leaders through their children, students, employees, etc and rather churning out machines and rote learners who have mastered probably everything else under the sun but not the most fundamental problem that exists in the world.

After they realize this, there will be a discussion about how they are missing out on an important contribution to the world and now, how can they contribute their bit.


I’ll present the top issues that exist in the world currently and what various bodies are doing about it. Then I’ll talk about how AIESECers are actually working towards these issues (by developing leaders who’ll care about such things). I’ll talk about the importance of indirect impact where you impact an individual who goes out and changes the world rather than direct impact where you educate “X” number of children or plant “Y” number of trees. And then I’ll end with showing how each of them can be part of this movement.


Basic presentation logistics. Maybe some physical logistical items which will help them better understand the state of the world we live in (physical elements) participants can’t bring anything along. Can TGP provide this?

Speaker bio

I’ve been in the business of developing youth leadership since 2011 and it has made me what I am today.

I have addressed some real world issues and I’m convinced that leadership is the solution to every problem in the world.

Today, I work with the National office of AIESEC India and I can safely say that I have one of the best jobs in the world.

But I cannot bring about this alone and hence I’d like to educate and make people realize that they should so their bit too in developing youth leadership.