Mapping Motivations to Members in Volunteer/Collaborative Organisations

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by Rohit Koliyot on Thursday, January 22, 2015


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Technical level


Motivations vary from person to person and is very subjective. In volunteer/collaborative organisations it is extremely important to map them to each individual/groups of people at an early stage as the factor of remuneration does not exist.


Having been a part of numerous volunteer organisations and successfuly running a few, there are many times I have wished I was just paying the volunteers/collaborators to demand more accountability.

What I find extremely important, is to identify individual/group motivations and map them to the organisation goal, the goal of the founder and other stake holders.

This interactive session hopes to help attendees identify and map motivations of people in their volunteer/collaborative organisations or how to themselves be a better volunteer in one.

Speaker bio

Rohit Koliyot is an independent consultant based out of Chennai, India.
He has a masters in business with over 5 years experience in business development and operations.
He is currently helping a wide range of established clients, across industries, with Marketing, Operations, and Strategy decisions.
He is involved actively as an advisor with many start-up organization and is the founder of Petcialize, a successful community organization that conducts and facilitates social events for animals and their owners.
He is also a founding member of another community organisation called Supportive Cities that profiles people in alternative careers.