3D Printing in India: Show me the Money!

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by Anindo Ghosh on Friday, January 23, 2015

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Technical level


To cut through the fog of hype surrounding this decade’s big buzz, “3D Printing” aka Additive Manufacture, and discuss innovative enterpreneurial and career opportunities in this emerging field.


As a very vocal advocate of 3D printing and associated skills and technologies, I am often asked the question “How can I make money fast in 3D printing?”

While there is no simple answer in any field at all, regardless of the amount of hype in the press and the blogosphere, my talk digests the several different additive manufacture related business and learning approaches that I have worked out for various people over the last couple of years.

Rather than a one-to-many transmission, a significant part of this session would be dedicated to Q&A and discussion, aimed toward dispelling the many “easy money” myths promulgated in media, around the subject.


An interest in learning about and working with 3D printing as a career path or a business opportunity.

If not that, at least a keen interest in understanding how much of the hype surrounding additive manufacture is pure unadulterated bovine excreta.

Speaker bio


The speaker has credentials in a diverse range of disciplines spanning electronics design, photography, project management, CAD, corporate governance, corporate strategy, product engineering, software development, public speaking, and teaching. It is hoped that this diversity will significantly enhance the experience for every participant.


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