When Charlie Hebdo was barred from the stage

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by Padma Damodaran (proposing) on Friday, January 23, 2015

Performing Arts

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To bring together various artists and look at censorship and free speech in the performing arts in India. Whether women displaying their bodies, or tribals expressing opression from upper castes, or simply clamping down on any performance that breaks notions of tradition. To find the answer to the question: How free are we?


The idea is to have a series of performing artists to talk of their experience. Whether Leela Samson, who recently resigned from the Censor board, or Jaimini Pathak, whose play Dirty Talk talks of the banning of Vijay Tendulakar’s Sakaram Binder, or a Neha Bhat, who regularly performs at Queer events, but these performances do not make it to the mainstream. or Mallika Taneja, whose shows regularly spark debates as she strips down to her underwear.


A moderator, who can bring out the grey areas of the debate. Participants should come with open minds.

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