How (not) to run a food blog

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by monika manchanda on Friday, January 23, 2015


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Lightning Talk

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So what does it take to run a good food blog. A flair for writing? A good palate? Knowledge about food or simply not being an oversmart word junkie. This is a fun session which aims to indeed make fun of the tribe I am proud member of.


A food blog here
A food blog there
Here a food blog, there a food blog
Everywhere a food blog

The above seems to be a mantra these days. From people who start blogs a day before the event to people whose oesophagus breaks into a pleasurable saga after a good meal.

So be prepared to laugh (and learn may be) while I share some intersting incidents and tips on what not to do to run a good food blog.

Speaker bio

An ex-IT person and a corporate slave, now a food entrepreneur, I run Sin-A-Mon with which I foray into homebaking, food writing, training and food consulting. I also do run a food blog, the kinds I will not be talking about