Why we, yes even adults, should play? - Perspectives from psychology, neuroscience, evolutionary biology and philosophy

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by Virapandy Thulasimani on Friday, January 23, 2015


Session type
Lightning Talk

Technical level


Exploring the nature of ‘play’. Exploring the relation between play and creativity, play and well being (emotional, physical) for adults


A sesstion of 20-25 mins (can be structured as per the duration alloted, but may require atleast 15 mins)
Delves into
- what constitutes play? - Kids play, adults play, animal play - Benefits of play - Play and perspectives from cognitive sciences, beahavioral sciences and philosphy - What can we do to enable (more) play?


Projector (I assume that would be a given)
Probably paper and pen/pencils for the participants for some play, but will confirm this soon
Your playful selves

Speaker bio

Free spirit, Travel Habitué, Adventure Junky, Half-baked Environmentalist, Wannabe Philosopher, Distance Runner - some puffed-up words that I’d use to describe myself.
My resume reads of the 6+ years in various IT roles, an MBA and an Engineering degree. (more here - https://in.linkedin.com/in/virapandy)
I quit my corporate job in August 2014 to travel which I wound up last month. At present, I am contemplating on the next phase of my career. I am also exploring the feasibility of an idea that could possibly enable more ‘play’