Breaking Gender Stereotypes

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by Aditi Thirani on Saturday, January 24, 2015


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Lightning Talk

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To discuss contemporary Advertising and Movies and how they depict female characters and why it happens and what can be or should be the course of action for change. This through a discussion with all the women who I welcome to share their perspectives and experience.


Today women are making waves everywhere in every field. We look at these few women who have succeeded in a male dominated area of work and feel a sense of pride as more women feel encouraged to be as much as they can. And yet our media like Advertising Industry and Television and Movies are not really helping much. We still see so many stereotypes and typical roles women play which discourages many women whose lives it affects and they end up in one of the many roles society wants them to fit in. Now this can be defended and disagreed in many ways. And I am looking forward to discuss this and get as women as possible to share their perspectives while I present some recent stuff which bothers me a Feminist.


An open mind

Speaker bio

I am a Voice Over Artist, Actor, Writer and Traveller and hopefully many more things. But most of all I’m a feminist.
I have studied Experiential Education and Facilitated for school children and college students. Also studied Liberal Arts in which I studied Advertising and Contemporary Culture
I have worked with Open Space a youth outreach program by Center for Communication and Development Studies. Spread awareness about Violence against women. Also did street plays for awareness of HIV and AIDS. Managed workshops and helped with events at Kala Ghoda. Also helped organize the Kabira Music Festival.
Apart from that been into Journalism for a brief period, written for Times Of India and Yahoo. Also content management for various websites.
I have voiced for Reliane, TATA, Axis, Staple, Edelweiss, Vodafone, etc. Have been a Voice actor for the past 5 years. Theatre person just about a year. Performed at Prithvi platform in Thespo thrice. Working on theatre and digital video content with fresh female characters at the moment.
Have traveled solo and also with F5 Escapes - A company making travel safe and accessible for women in India - Sikkim, Gujarat - Kutch, South India - Pondicherry and Trivandrum, and individually did a self planned backpacking trip in Europe. Working with F5 Escapes as a freelance Trip Leader leading all women trips.
I have only freelanced as a working professional.