The Mindless War Against Germs: Ditch the hand sanitizer

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by Virapandy Thulasimani on Saturday, January 24, 2015

Fringe, Geekery & Life Hacks

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Lightning Talk

Technical level


Appreciate the symbiotic relation between our bodies and the microbes within us.
Look at how we might be possibly affecting this symbiotic relationship and the consequences to our health.


12-15mins duration

The bacterial cells in the human body is 10 times the number of human cells. Whike we sport 23000 human genes, the microbes we carry in our bodies contain some 8 million genes; are we even human then?

Good germs vs bad germs

A culture that thinks bacteria is harm and is obssesed with avoiding it

Ways germs can be good for us


Projector (I assume that would be a given)
And maybe some interested people

Speaker bio

Free spirit, Travel Habitué, Adventure Junky, Half-baked Environmentalist, Wannabe Philosopher, Distance Runner - some puffed-up words that I’d use to describe myself.
My resume reads of the 6+ years in various IT roles, an MBA and an Engineering degree. (more here -
I quit my corporate job in August 2014 to travel which I wound up last month. At present, I am contemplating on the next phase of my career. I am also exploring the feasibility of an idea that could possibly enable more ‘play’