World-building for science fiction

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by Nayantara Kotian on Monday, January 26, 2015

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Session type

Technical level


The art of building authenthic science fiction worlds


A session of 30 mins or longer

Worldbuilding is the process of constructing an imaginary setting with coherent qualities such as history, geography and ecology and is a crucial phase in creating science fiction, in literature as well as in theatre. All fictive worlds require some degree of worldbuilding. However in order for the science fiction world to invite belief, it requires a deeper level of detail as one is creating ‘alien’ settings and events, that are different from the world as we know it. This workshop will introduce to the participants the initial stages of a world-building process. Anyone can participate, in fact the more diverse the backgrounds the better.


A large table and several sheets of newsprint that everyone can scribble/ draw ideas on, markers

Speaker bio

Prashant Prakash and Nayantara Kotian run Crow, an immersive theatre company. Their last two shows have involved the building of dystopian worlds for the stage. The George and Hazel Show and The Bliss of Solitude premiered in London in 2013 and 2014 respectively. Their goal is to bring site-responsive immersive theatre to audiences across India.