Fresh approach to pedagogy in classical dance

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by Poornima Kartik on Tuesday, January 27, 2015

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To find a new way of teaching classical dance making it a complete practice with body and mind, bringing all the focus and energy together and thereby making it easy and more enjoyable.


Most people find it very difficult to learn vigouros classical dancing especially kids these days for various reasons mostly owing to the lifestyle, less or no physical activity due to computers,smartphones,videogames etc. This is an experiment to bring the required focus , alignment and energy for classical dancing(practice/learning) using relaxations beofre and after the practice or learning session. Classical dance style used will be Odissi.


people and 2- 2.5 hours at a stretch minimum.

Speaker bio

Poornima is an architect turned dancer from bombay ,now settled in Bangalore. She started Odissi dance training under Guru.Jhelum Paranjape about 2 decades ago. Performed in Smitalay ensemble for more than a decade all around the country. Jugglled between architectural practice and dance till 2 years ago. Now taken up dancing full time with special interest in pedagogy.
Works and teaches Odissi dance at Antara artists’s collective in bangalore.