Disrupt! Don' t be Daunted!

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by Ashwini Raghupathy on Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Performing Arts

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To understand how to develop a disruptive mindset and how it can help improve the quality of your life. The talk will be given with the framework and reference to the speaker’s journey in Indian Classical Dance, so attendees will also get a glimpse into that world.


My talk will focus on how disruption is a great tool for growth. And how disrupting an ancient set system helped me go beyond survival, get to be a Tedx speaker and hold a world record!

The traditional world of Indian Arts is a daunting one which is almost always passed on from a great lineage, practiced for years, deeply set hierarchal systems. It is not open to outsiders and very unforgiving of mistakes.

I was a complete outsider to classical dance a few years ago, I would also like to share how I managed to enter a completely foreign field and learn so much in this journey!



Speaker bio

Ashwini Raghupathy is currently an Odissi dancer/teacher/choreographer. The past six years have been a diving experience which opened several vistas within her mind and eleswhere for her. She has experienced both the extremely traditional systems of classical dance in India while managing to experiment and do really cool things with it! She has worked extensively in using public spaces for the practice/teaching and performing of Odissi. She has also put in a lot of work in reaching out to diverse groups of people through performances and teaching. She runs a school called ARPANA in Bangalore, where she conciously tries to steer away from the Gurukula system of imparting dance education.

She has over the past three years managed to get herself on Tedx, into the Limca Book of World Records and transformed from a dancer bogged down by systems to someone who now never complains about any shitty systems!